Samstag, 30. April 2011

Stacey, my idol ♥ & Single Ladies

Single Ladies on VH1 from joseph labisi on Vimeo.

I'm so excited about this series!

Unfortunately I live in Germany and I may not be able to watch the episodes on time but I'm sure that I'll be able to watch them on the internet !!
Hope Springs Eternal, right?? :)

Well, I just really wanted to help spreading this brand new tv show. :-)


! (-: A little bit about Stacey Dash ² (-: !

I've already wrote a small blogpost about Stacey Dash ( and Clueless ) last year, but that's not enough to clarify my feelings as a big fan - hehe (-:
And I think that it is not possible!

All in all, I'm a really really huge fan of her for a long time.
Stacey "helped" me through tough times..
I had a pretty aggressive disease about two years ago ... My thoughts were so disordered, I couldn't clearly think about what really makes me lucky to live and honored to be a human being and be able to laugh, dance, and be truly happy.
That was the time I started searching for inspiration. I've found a lot of possibilities to rebuild my life again and that helped me to stay positive and optimistic. An idol was the thing I missed...
- and Staceys charisma, fun movies and positive attitude made me very happy,let me forget my fears and helped me to get strong!!

Watching such an inspiring movie like "Clueless" over and over
- who would be happy and smile?!! :-)

Maybe I will make a video and try to send it to her on her twitter
(because I think it would be the easiest way make her watch it) .....
but maybe I'm just too SHY :D

I couldn't imagine me talking to a camera. That's her thing haha :D

Have a nice and sunny day everyone!

your Sarah from Germany,
self-proclaimed biggest fan of the lovelyy Stacey Dash. ;-)))

Stacey, if you would ever read this (and I would be sooo honored...)
- I just want to say:
You're my idol. Stay as warm-hearted, beautiful and talented as you are.

sidenote: Sorry about my bad English :-/ !

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